Performance at Our Core

Take away all the technology and underneath you will find that Jump 450 Media is run on the beating heart of time proven direct response advertising. Sales psychology is at our core, and is blended with our own creativity and know-how to drive results across a broad range of markets and products.

Performance Based Social Media Ads
We create ads based on what performs best and that is ads that start a conversation with your customer base. We engage with customers to drive performance, and partner with the platforms to give clients access to beta ads before the competition.
Analytics &
Tracking and measurement is the only way to optimize for success. We set up tagging and tracking across every stage of the customer’s journey. We then continue to test and analyze using analytics dashboards to gain actionable insights that deliver quantifiable improvements.
Strategy &
We replace guesswork with strategic planning and guidance on how we are managing your campaign every step of the way. This begins with audits of your existing collateral, target market research and eCommerce setup to build a slick sales pipeline that goes from interest to engagement to sold.
Creative Design & Production
Creating successful ads requires a mixture of creativity, psychology and best practices. We know how to weld all three together to create attention grabbing ads, landing pages & videos that tell your story and promote your offer in a captivating way.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Getting people to your offer is step one. Step two is harnessing design best practices, conversion strategies and precise measurement to optimize the offer’s impact and persuasiveness. Data driven optimization is the only way to drive higher conversions and bigger profits. Not best guesses and hope.
Search Engine Marketing
Search continues to be one of the highest performing direct response channels and a great opportunity to engage when prospects are in ‘buying’ mode. We can provide you with optimized search campaigns across Google, Bing and Yahoo! with ads that get high clickthroughs at lower prices across devices.