Business Intelligence Lead

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for leveraging the vast amounts of data assets from our customers to develop powerful insights that drive digital advertising effectiveness and better multi-touch attribution measurement. You will be tasked with tasked with developing a suite of next-gen insight-driven solutions utilizing a reporting platform called Domo and a few others tools and platforms that uses an innovative data science approach including machine learning techniques.

This role will use the most advanced BI technology and ML algorithms best suited for solving the challenging problems for clients and their internal business stakeholders. You will collaborate closely with the Media Buying and Creative teams to understand best client’s reporting standards on KPIs to then service and develop operational reporting dashboards.

Their primary KPI is agency revenue.

Job Descriptions:

  • Work with our BI Development team to:
  • Data ingestion and transformation, data model building
  • Visualizations per best practices
  • Development of mashups and embedding
  • Implement and maintain an Enterprise security model
  • Monitor and optimize environment for performance
  • Innovate and implement new features
  • Oversee day-to-day work and manage workloads for developer resources
  • Provide guidance to developer resources in both technical and business knowledge
  • Work with our clients and internal teams on user enablement
  • Provide user trainings and orientations
  • Service a client during onboarding to off-boarding
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