Website Conversion Optimization

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for implementing conversion optimization strategies and guide experimentation and growth strategy across all client’s traffic sources and web properties. You will work with our media buying team to prioritize areas for improvement, create testing plans, and test your hypotheses into implementation.

This role will implement A/B & MVT testing, use web analytics and other tools, incorporate UX and writing experiments, and all the tactics required to improve performance and customer experience.

Their primary KPI is client revenue, customer satisfaction & retention, and net promoter score.

Job Descriptions:

  • Drive conversion rate optimization for client’s web properties including planning, ideation, testing, optimization, and measurement
  • Propose and size experiment opportunities, build A/B testing plans and evaluate test results to help make website optimization decisions
  • Diagnose how web visitors are interacting with our client’s websites and funnels through heat mapping or visitor recording techniques
  • Set up and manage A/B tests, using Google Optimize, UnBounce or other similar tools, and optimize funnels across multiple devices and websites
  • Optimize user journey, taking action on key metrics and KPIs, through continuous website testing and user experience improvements
  • Work with our creative and media buying teams to select the right tools, data partners and any outlying dependencies needed to operationalize experimentation
  • Break down vague problems into smaller, concrete questions and deliver recommendations to non-analytical audiences
  • Use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other testing tools
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