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The Debate Between Having Internal and External Teams

Written by: Tom Murray | Managing Director, Agency

A trend in the startup and D2C space is to have lean teams in order to get the job done. It’s something we see everyday when we talk with these brands looking to scale their companies to great heights. Bootstrapping your way to success is possible, but it does require the right team in place.

Unfortunately, we often see a similar thing happening when it comes to in-house brand teams and that is that the marketing teams are often stuck doing most of the technical implementation of campaigns, in addition to their normal job which includes even more responsibilities such as overall go to market strategy. This is where agencies can come into help.

An agency can take over those key items such as launching campaigns, creative refreshing, tactical strategy, reporting, etc. This allows the brand managers to focus on their main goals, which is growing the business through next-level campaign planning. Pairing a world class media execution agency with world class business strategy is a recipe for success.

By allowing the brand teams to focus on everything but the actual campaigns, their time can be freed up to do many more things. These items typically get pushed aside or rushed through in order to ensure campaigns are running smoothly so that the numbers being reported look acceptable. All that time spent on launching campaigns, optimizing, reporting can be better used to instead start creating new strategies, optimizing the consumer journey, exploring new channels, partnerships, and products.

We’ve seen that switching from an internal to external marketing team can be a tough decision, but the benefits our clients have seen have made the decision to stay with an agency incredibly easy. Our clients have seen as high as a 1600% spend increase (while decreasing CPA by 28% by the way), while being able to focus on projects that were put on the back-burner for months.

Yes, there might be potentially higher costs in an agency model, but there are two major reasons why the higher costs are well worth it. First, the incremental gains in performance with our clients quite literally pays for the fee itself, and then some. We typically see at least 30-50% performance gains when taking over accounts. Second, in the startup space, something even more important than working capital is human capital. Having access to more brains to help devise strategies and go-to-market plans is more important than having a few more bodies internally. By going with an agency you can tap into typically 10 or more people that might touch an account, all for the same amount as perhaps two full-time employees.

Written By:

Tom Murray is the Managing Director of the agency. I have vast big agency experience with over 6 years working on brands such as Pepsi, Visa, P&G, Oreo, Showtime, Under Armour, Estee Lauder, and more.  I’m an entrepreneur at heart, having started my own eBay consignment business at 14, owning an ice cream shop by the age of 23, and currently am getting my MBA at Binghamton University, with a business analytics focus. I apply an entrepreneurial mindset to everything I do, and know the true value of a dollar, whether it is mine or yours. My goal is to stretch and push client’s marketing dollars as far as they can go, to ensure you get every bit of value out of your marketing spend.

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