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Customer Journey

Use a combination of transactional, relational, and promotional emails to quickly move your new and existing customers from one step in their customer journey to the next. Email has the highest ROI of any marketing strategy, and it is the backbone of most brand-consumer relationships.



From order confirmations down to shipping notifications, transactional emails have the highest open rate of any type of email and they have the power to deliver a 4300% return on investment when optimized properly. Use every transaction to reinforce your brand and create new selling opportunities.



Follow through on the promises you provide to your customers with engaging relational email campaigns. By mixing relational content with promotions you can build trust and rapport quickly and increase the power of your brand identity and messaging.



According to Hubspot, 66% of consumers have purchased something as a result of email marketing. Keep your existing customers in the loop with occasional sale announcements and new product launches. Or reach out to your prospects with lead magnet deliveries, free trial offers, and event announcements.

“JUMP 450 Media as exceeded our expectations as a digital marketing agency and it’s been a pleasure to work with them”.

Jon Monge – CEO, National Bankcard


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