How It Works



Strategy for Google Shopping depends on the number of products and the type of advertiser above all. We take a granular approach by providing a personalized strategy that relies on the specific nature of each business.



Unlike regular search, Shopping ads do not have keyword targets. Instead, Google uses your Google Merchant Center feed in order to determine which keywords are relevant for your products. So, effective traffic relevance in Shopping starts with a high-quality feed above all.



Shopping presents a lot of challenges for advertisers, and it certainly tends to be less predictable than Search. Because of its CPCs, it’s also often the more effective channel. But content testing is the only effective way to reap the benefits of Shopping. From Shopping priority testing to multiple product title variations, we cover it all.




Shopping also requires technical integration with your back-end platform in order to pull your products and start showing them. Regardless of the technical details involved, we make sure the data quality of your Shopping integration is flawless in order to ensure the best performance for your Shopping campaigns.


“They Are Super Performance Focused”

Ali – Co-Founder, Trend Butler


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