Success Stories

Leading Online Grocery Store Drives Success with Facebook Value Optimization

Through our close partnership with Facebook as a Facebook Marketing Partner,, we were part of an alpha test around their "Value Optimization" product, which is an optimization goal for conversion campaigns that is focused on driving users that will spend more, instead of just optimizing for the lowest cost-per-purchase.

Case Study Results:

  1. 58% Higher ROI using Value Optimization, compared to Regular Conversion Optimization
  2. 14% Higher Average Order Value using Value Optimization
  3. 10% Higher Clickthrough rate

Client Quote:

"Using value optimization was a real eye-opener. It enabled us to identify the customers we really want to reach, like those most likely to buy more items and spend more at checkout, while measuring the effective return on ad spend. We can clearly see the value of our ad spend now, as well as the return in revenue!"

Success Stories