Success Stories

Top Fitness Wellness Brand Uses Digital to Relaunch New In-Store Product Line

Our client was previously one of GNC’s top selling SKUs, however they were not sold in stores for the past couple of years. During this time period, some brand awareness and equity was lost. Re-activating them in GNC was not a guarantee that their sales would rebound and pick up where they left off.

In addition, they were launching a few new SKUs that were never in the market before, while deprecating some of their older, but highest selling SKUs. Our ads would need to re-introduce people to the overall brand, while also increasing awareness to the new products and their benefits.

Top 5 Things We Implemented to Succeed:

  1. Daily sales tracking by store & SKU to optimize the campaign in real-time
  2. Built a custom landing page directing users to their nearest store or a link to to purchase the item there
  3. Optimized our campaigns for both conversion & maximum reach to drive action and mass awareness
  4. Test out various creative types (lifestyle, celebrity, & product)
  5. Leverage YouTube as a mass awareness & reach driver

Case Study Results:

  1. $7.48 Incremental ROAS (on top of their existing baseline of sales)
  2. 60% decrease in cost-per-incremental unit sold (compared to the baseline)
  3. 300% lower CPMs from campaign structure optimizations

Success Stories